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Oil & Gas IP: Latest News

In the past, the oil and gas industry has focused on risk management and capital as the primary means of driving revenue. However in recent years, the industry has seen a radical shift in the competitive landscape and many businesses have adjusted their IP strategies to follow suite. This article provides an high-level overview of the latest key legal cases with the Oil & Gas IP industry, the first on North America, and the second on Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Oil & Gas IP: The Perils of Theft, Joint Ventures and Patents vs. Trade Secrets

From bitumen and extra-heavy oil to shale and high pressure/high temperature wells, the fast pace of technological progress has meant that intellectual property in the conventional and unconventional arena, is worth its weight in black gold, and should be either zealously guarded or keenly acquired.

Windfalls and Pitfalls: Shifting Perspectives to Software And Data in the Oil And Gas Industry

Digitalisation is driving transformative change throughout the oil and gas industry, providing businesses with unparalleled opportunities to create exponential value growth and redefine boundaries. The article explores the actions of major players in the market who have made the realisation that in an age of digital transformation and innovation, those who can adapt and develop new technologies are more easily able to control and influence the direction of the market.

Decision-making in your IP journey

Ahead of his participation in the Oil & Gas IP Summit 2018, Oil & Gas IQ spoke to Stephane Bombino, Intellectual Property Lead (Group), Subsea 7 about the key factors to consider when starting out on an IP journey and the challenges that he has experienced first-hand in developing new tools strategies.

Oil & Gas IP: Survey Report

In the lead up to the Oil & Gas IP Summit 2018, Legal IQ surveyed over 200 industry professionals in order to better understand the effect that the low oil price environment has had on various organisations’ IP strategy.

This report looks into regional differences in the global IP landscape and the movement towards IP sharing strategies as a means to benefit the wider industry. In some cases, we have compared this years results with those of our 2016 survey to order establish the direction in which industry is moving.