26 - 27 February, 2019 | United Kingdom

Gianvito Lanzolla

Professor of Strategy, Head of the Faculty of Management, Founder and Direc
CASS Business School

8:00 AM Digitisation in the Oil and Gas Sector

Up to this point the main focus of the sector has centred on mechanical engineering, not software and data. As such, competency in this area is lower yet the current and future levels of competency required represent a huge shift. Digital technologies are profoundly transforming the way people work, societies and the business landscape. With almost every industry in a process of disruption, we are experiencing more uncertainty than ever. In this new digital age we need to adapt to fast-changing circumstances. Understanding structural changes and business implications and how organisations will capture value from digital transformation is key. What are the key mechanisms to capture value from digital transformation? What the main pitfalls? This workshop will help leaders to find their way through the digital transformation maze.
Session objective
This workshop aims to provide participants with an introduction to the knowledge and tools required to capture value from digital transformation.
What will be covered
·         Competition in digital marketplaces
·         From stand-alone products to connected products
·         Business model Innovation
·         Dealing with digital disruption
·         Capturing value in digital ecosystems
·         Leadership and organisation vis-à-vis digital transformation
Key take-aways
At the end of the course participants will have acquired the key knowledge and tools to develop a value capturing road map for their companies to lead the on-going digital transformations, before old and new competitors make them irrelevant.

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